Mobile Marketing, Fundamentals & Strategy

Not the most exciting read ever but if you are getting into the space of mobile marketing it covers the fundamentals. The most interesting section is part 2 where they look at user attitudes and behaviour towards mobile and mobile marketing. Placing the consumer at the heart of all your planning and the importance of personalisation are marketing principles I strongly support. The stand out feature of mobile devices is that they can become contextually highly relevant being location-aware. The inherent characteristics of mobile devices being “exceptionally personal”, “always with the user”, “always connected” and “always on” gives its a huge advantage over every other medium and marketers still have yet to capitalise on that.

Long time mobile marketing evangalists such as Mark Brill, @marktxt4ever, may have been held back by small screen-sizes, expensive data plans, multiple networks and mobile technology platforms as well as marketers liking their comfort-zones,  but as smartphone interfaces get better and better and mobile devices become the predominant communication medium their day will come very soon.


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