Modern twists on the superhero genre are as abundant as ever. The public infatuation with all things vampire, sub-human and impenetrable, seems as immortal as the subject matter itself.

But finally, the focus is beginning to shift. No longer is it only the eccentric millionaire or the bookish loner, the embittered outsider or the grieving avenger… the mutant, the android or the alien…

At last, super powers have infiltrated normality.

Shows such as E4’s Misfits are finally tapping into the new age of Superhero – a celebration of the underdog. The search for the extraordinary begins within the commonplace.

And as the online generation of media aptly reflects, just as superheroes can now come from anywhere, so too can innovative ideas.

In a style similar to Misfits, Andrew Harmer’s short film “Beat It”, that we produced at entertaining:tv, explores its supernatural elements from a gritty urban platform. Beat boxing virtuoso The Petebox takes on avant-garde dancer Alex Kordek in a battle of movement and sound, where the human body itself becomes the weapon.

In a bid to nurture new and exciting talent, I am proud to present “Beat It” as a production developed entirely in-house which came out of an experiment created from a desire to encourage innovation.

We set up a competition whereby every member of our team, staff and freelancers alike, (regardless of his or her day to day role) was able to submit an idea for a short film anonymously – with the intention of choosing just one to take to production. Out of this competition we uncovered Andrew Harmer’s writing and directing talent and “Beat It” was brought to life.


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