In 1900 people slept for an average 9.0 hours per night, nowadays it is 6.9 hours.

The average teen sends 2000 texts a month

Scientists are saying our brains are rewiring in response to the trend for consuming several media simultaneously;  our brains are  literally rewiring themselves because of multi-tasking.

With advances in mobile technology and high take up levels, we are “always on”.  We are at home less these days because we can achieve more tasks “on the go”.

Bionic contact lenses are being developed so our e mails can float in front of our eyes

Social and behavioural change is happening at such a fast rate that the gap between the digital super generation and those born in an analogue world is becoming unbridgeable.

What on earth will we be like in 2050?   Will my brain have re-wired so that I can sleep even less and take in even more information or will I have burnt out and become a sub-class of the human race who, aged 77, will be dreaming of those peaceful analogue days?


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