The speed with which Facebook and Twitter became dominant is astonishing.  Furthermore, they are developing at a fast pace as they vie with each other for share of our attention and try to keep challenger social networks such as Google + at bay.  The speed with which Myspace, Bebo and Friends Reunited lost their influence is also astonishing and should be a warning sign for all the players in this space:  keep innovating and keep ahead of the curve because a new competitor could steam in at any moment.  Brands also need to be responding quickly to these rapid developments in social networking if they want to stay in touch with their customers, a feat that can often be quite a challenge for the large corporates.

Twitter launched their new design on Thursday, and from a user experience point of view they have done a good job.  The “discover” tab is going to offer users a much richer experience.  They have also launched brand pages which allows brands to better customise their pages, a move undoubtedly in response to Google + and their recent launch of brand pages and Facebooks’ more established “pages”.   With these changes Twitter is starting to drift onto Facebooks’ territory and the next move has been made in the battle of the social networks.


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