It was kind of obvious, but now the stats have come out to prove it.  Research conducted by Marketing magazine this month showed that almost two-thirds of UK consumers are disenchanted with the January sales as a result of regular discounting by retailers.

Discounted prices have become the norm for us shoppers and now we expect no less!  Retailers have gone and shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

It is time for retailers to do more than just cut prices to get our attention, and a great customer experience has to be the way forward.

Why do I buy from Amazon when the same product is often cheaper from another online store?  Because my shopping experience is a pleasure not a pain, because I know that it will be delivered on time and because I know that if there are any issues their after-sales care will be excellent.

And how often do I end up buying more than I intended when I shop on Amazon?  Most of the time, and that is because they know what I am interested in and can tailor their recommendations to me.   Wouldn’t it make sense for retailers to start thinking about how they can re-create that experience in their high street stores?  I have some good ideas how they might go about doing that ……


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