A new study has come out today that showed

73% [of UK adult consumers] bought a particular product after reading opinions posted by those that have bought the same product.

“Peer reviews” came out ahead of “expert opinion” when it came to influencing purchases.

Yet more evidence that brands need to be focusing their minds on how they can recruit more brand ambassadors.  This goes far deeper than a simple marketing dilemma, this thinking needs to run right through the heart of a business and across all departments.

It starts with product development:  find out from your community what they really want and design your product or service for them with their help. Constantly improve and develop your service or product in response to their feedback.

It then impinges on your logistics and distribution network:  make it easy for your customers to buy your product.  The keyword here is convenience.

If you have stores, the in-store experience needs to be pleasurable, not painful: this applies to queue management as much as it does to design and layout.

The PR & Marketing needs to be 100% authentic. Employees in businesses shouldn’t hide behind the brand, use them to humanise the brand.

And most importantly of all, this needs to be backed up with exceptional and responsive customer service.

Few businesses succeed in doing this but if every department was focused on the task of how to get great peer reviews my bet is it would transformational.


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