Marketing Week have published an article today about Domino’s recent attempt at branded content.  It provoked a couple of responses in me:

1.  Credit to Domino’s and Nick Dutch for having the cojones to experiment with original programming.

2.  If brands – and their associated agency “experts” – can’t figure out the distribution conundrum around original programming, branded content will always remain on the sidelines of the marketing mix.

Then I watched an extract of The Support Group and straight away I could hear the briefing meeting in my head:

“make something like The Office themed around football”.

And that’s exactly what the filmmakers have done.

Asking your production team to emulate the work of some of the best and most recognised comedy scriptwriters in TV and Radio is already setting them up for failure, or rather, just mediocre success.  However talented they are, it’s never going to be as good as the original and by boxing them in like that you’re clipping their creative wings.   There’s some amazing scriptwriting and filmmaking talent out there, be brave and give them the freedom to create something truly original for your brand and you’ve got a real chance of standing out from the crowd.


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