Great Marketing Films Web Image2The use of video as a marketing tool is exploding and more and more organisations are needing to commission films, but filmmaking is a complicated craft with many contingent parts.

The web is full of ineffective videos, so how can you make sure the films you commission are a success?  In this half day speaker workshop I share insights into the creative aspects of the craft of filmmaking and highlight the most important factors that make a film a success.

During the workshop I show examples and use exercises as a way of giving attendees a set of tools they can take away with them to help them avoid falling into the traps that lead to ineffective films. It’s also an opportunity for attendees to flex their creative muscles which helps innovation.

By the end of the workshop attendees leave feeling inspired and empowered to develop their own video projects.

Liz ran a workshop for our East Midlands Academy for Chief Executives group recently which made a very interesting session, well presented and very informative about the art of film making. The members engaged in the practical workshop sessions to appreciate the structure and stages to consider in any future film making contracts.

Tim Polkinghorne, Group Chairman at Academy for Chief Executives

"Thank you for Wednesday at Ella in London, I found it really helpful and will really help us put together some short films around our projects"

Henry Wilson, REACH Community Projects

"Liz brought an entertaining and insightful workshop to the CEO's monthly learning day. With video an increasing part of the marketing mix, participants came away with a critical insight into commissioning impactful film projects and a new confidence to demand the best from their video projects"

Charles McLachlan, Chairman at the Academy for Chief Executives

“I really appreciated your presentation; it is fantastic to feel equipped to deal with something that I was entirely and utterly ignorant of!  It was amazing to hear how many people are taking on prospective video projects, so it felt very timely indeed.”

David Schluter, FluidIT


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