Calling all 15 to 22 year olds!

calling-15-22I am making a documentary and I want to understand what it is like to be young today and how screens and technology have made your life different from my own. This is why I am looking for 15 – 22 year olds to assist me in my research by helping me understand what it is like to be young today.

To take part all you would need to do is film a series of video diaries on your phone and send them to me on What’s App. Below is a list of questions you could answer in your video diaries. It would be great if you could send me one video per question. You don’t need to answer every question, just the ones that you want to answer. And if you want to ‘freestyle’ and share anything else about what it is like to be young today, I’m all ears.

I am going to collect all the video diaries together and see what themes come through. Their primary purpose is to help me understand so I can portray an accurate picture of what it is like to be young today in the documentary. I won’t show any of the videos in the public domain or in the documentary without your permission.

If you are interested in helping me with my research please message me on What’s App using +44 7786 514 910.

Here are the questions:

  1. What do you think your life will be like in 10 years time? And in 20 years time?

  2. Can you imagine being 80 years old? What do you imagine that will be like for you?

  3. What’s on your bucket list?

  4. What profession do you want to go into and why?

  5. What do you like to watch on YouTube and what is it about those videos that appeals to you?

  6. What does Instagram or Snapchat or Pinterest or Tik Tok represent for you? What part does it play in your life, if any?

  7. What makes you happy?

  8. What stresses you out?

  9. If you could have been born in any decade what decade would you choose and why?

  10. Who is your hero? And why?

  11. How important is privacy for you?

  12. What do you enjoy doing most with your friends?

  13. Are you a feminist? In your opinion what is feminism today?

  14. How does dating in your age group work these days?

  15. If you were made president or prime minister of your country tomorrow, what is the first thing you would change?

Thank you for helping!


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