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The Secret Illness is a digital global community project that explores the realities of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) through The Creative Arts.

In 2015 we went live with the website and received some extremely powerful, frank, visceral and sometimes heart-breaking Wall Posts. Many of us think we know what OCD is, but take a browse around The Secret Illness Wall and you might be surprised to find out what it *really* is.

In the Spring of 2016 The Secret Illness was picked up by the press and the secret was out!

More recently we released our first co-created animated film. The film was developed from a poem written by James Lloyd, a writer and science journalist in the UK who has lived with OCD since childhood. The film won the International OCD Foundation video competition in 2016.

It was a very special experience turning James’s words into visuals and animating them into life. I’ve made a lot of films over the years but this one is particularly special to me because of how it came about.

This Old Ghost was then translated and re-voiced into Spanish by the Argentinian singer songwriter Ro Vitale.

This project has also given me the opportunity to work in a new medium, that of the audio podcast.