Liz Smith

I am an investigative storyteller. My work is centered around human rights issues. I am curious about what makes human beings tick, and how psychology and environment drive contemporary behaviour. 


I am currently making The Deadline, a film about the battle between the populists and the progressives that is happening across the world.

I Am Gen Z

I directed and edited I Am Gen Z. The film premiered at CPH:DOX and it won the award for Best Feature Film at The Lower East Side Film Festival


I am the show host and co-producer of What’s Going On In Your Head? It explores the secret inner workings of the mind through performance art and discussion.

The rise of Illiberalism in Gen Z

We are seeing evidence of the rise of illiberalism across all age groups, it’s just more difficult to unpack in the context of Gen Z because, in many ways, they seem far more accepting of difference than older cohorts.

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How Resilient IS Gen Z?

In some ways, Gen Z is extremely resilient. I think we often underestimate how truly challenging it is to grow up in a world of 24/7 connectivity and social media. They are the guinea pig generation for the mobile digital technology age and thus they’re having to develop their own version of resilience in a…

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Legal But Harmful

What are we willing to tolerate to protect free speech? “Legal but harmful” – This isn’t protection from cancel culture, it’s child abuse.

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