Liz Smith

I studied at The London Film School in 2002. Over the intervening years I have built up skills in directing, cinematography, editing and motion graphics. My most recent feature documentary film “I am Gen Z“ explores the impact of the digital revolution on the generation who grew up with smartphones in their pockets.

The trailer for I Am Gen Z

I am interested in what makes human beings tick, and how psychology, philosophy and politics drive contemporary behaviour. I am currently working on “The Deadline”, a documentary project about polarisation, the mainstreaming of extreme ideas, the rise of ethnonationalism and the backlash against progressive values.

I am the show host and co-producer of What’s Going On In Your Head? which explores mental health through performance art and discussion. I am also the co-founder and creator of The Secret Illness a creative project about what it is like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

From time to time, I take on client commissions to produce live action and animated content. Examples of my commercial work can be seen at EntertainingTV.