“Let’s Talk About The Dangers of Social Media” Event – 12 November 2019

On 12th November 2019 I am hosting the monthly “Let’s Talk About …” event in London. We will be debating the dangers of social media. If you would like to attend click here to be added to the guest list. The panelists include Dr Paul Marsden, psychologist, Jonathan Garner founder of Mind Over Tech and […]

The Podcast, Episode 4 – The Secret Inner Workings of the Mind

Originally posted on The Secret Illness:
https://soundcloud.com/secretillness/secret-illness-episode-4-mixdown This episode is an edited recording of a live event The Secret Illness ran in November 2018 at London’s hClub. It features poetry and music performances from people living with OCD and some incredibly frank and open discussion about their experiences of the disorder.

The Podcast, Episode 3 – OCD Feels Like

Originally posted on The Secret Illness:
https://soundcloud.com/secretillness/episode-3-ocd-feels-like This episode came out of a creative experiment. At this year’s OCDAction conference in London we set up an audio booth and asked delegates to record, anonymously, what OCD feels like to them. If you like our podcast series don’t forget to rate it on whatever platform you…