What’s Going On In Your Head Christmas Special

The end of the year is upon us, and what a curious year it has been. As we look back on the ups, downs, and betweens, our talented performers and engaged audience stand out. What better way therefore than to end the year with a Christmas Special celebrating the performers and our Zoom audience from the 2020 shows?

If you would like to come along you can register now to be in the Zoom room.

For this show we have invited back performers from each of the 2020 “What’s Going On In Your Head?“.

I’ll be giving out accolades for the best Christmas outfits and asking the audience and performers, “What goes on in their head at Christmas?”.

If you are going to be joining us in the audience and would like to send us your answer to the question “What goes on in your head at Christmas?” please email it to hello@whatsgoingoninyourhead.com so I can read some of them out during the show and we can share them on our social media.

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